Wednesday, December 1, 2010

unstoppable makes me shaking non-stop!!

holla! i'm back :) today i'm watching the unstoppable movie with my fwen.he.he.syok cuz de org belanje.thx apai! :) back 2 da movie.this movie really impressed me!haha.mne xleh duk diam tggu ble train awvr777 tu nk berenti.shaking meh.ble tgk train without conductor, da mcm tgk haunted train. dasat2.hehe.dgr ctenye cte nih true story. so, i did some research bout runaway train yg pernah de dlm history. bla.bla.bla.then...i found it!! yeah! i found the report bout da runaway train from CNN. bnde nih happen in the year 2001. kre lbey kurg 9 years ago la kn. n report from CNN nih sejibik mcm dlm movie unstoppable nih. cm xcye jeh kn?? tp mmg did happen and there's two heroes. this is the link of the report~

bce n compare with the movie..mmg sme :) woah!! mmg berani ar. kre diz story inspired the director 2 make diz film la.not bad.i prefer u guys watch diz movie.berbaloi2.hik3.bravo ar!!

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