Sunday, November 28, 2010

sedih?? no prob :)

29th of November 2010. my topic for today is SEDIH. haha. eh? tergelak lak.topik da sedih.ak gelak la.sory hobby mmg suke bab gelak2 nih.hehe.ok.~close case~back to my main topic today. Sedih??? actually kte boleh sedih bcoz of so many reasons. Ditinggal kekasih, kehilangan yang tersayang....result yg mcm haram...mcm2 boleh wat kte sedih. tp how 2 handle it? nanges? teriak?? haha. dat's not how to solve it.err...myb a bit. tp byk sbnrnye cara 2 handle sadness. THINK. think bout da happiest moment in your life about dat person dat makes u sad. it sounds silly. but actually it helps. but klu da truly benci dat person, no need la to think of dia..juz to others dat makes u happy...makes u feel dat life is really precious..FWENZ..yeah! FWENZ who make u smile n laugh out loud. :) HApPy rite?? or the moment u got tickle by ur MOM..sweet hah? hehe. now u forget a bit bout ur i rite? :) okay. let's proceed to another way 2 overcome ur sadness. SLEEP.haha.i love to sleep. it might sounds unhealthy but its better than u cry a lot.juz give ur mind and eyes rest for a while.hehe. sometimes u might feel its hard for u to forget someone dat u care n love much. but BELIEVE me...once u say it always b HARD...just..give urself tym...don't ever push yourself to forget a person. the harder u push urself..the more u remember that person. just let the time do its job. u'll forget that person without u notice it...SO CHEER UP!! life is long time journey dat u should live preciously. Sadness is just ONE stop to teach u to appreciate your feelings in life ;) appreciate what you have now rather than you cry a lot bcoz of ur past. coz da person dat u cry for each of second of ur life might be not even think of u in each of her/his minutes. LIVE LIFE TO DA FULLEST!! :)

Experience is not what happens to a man.  It is what a man does with what happens to him.  ~Aldous Leonard Huxley, Texts and Pretexts, 1932

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